HydraFacial by Edge Systems
HydraFacial™ as featured on TV

HydraFacial™ on CBS'
The Doctors Show

HydraFacial™ with Dr. Martin
Zaiac on Deco Drive

HydraFacial™ at Obagi
Center, ABC7

HydraFacial™ on
NBC5 DFW Today

HydraFacial™ at Equinox
in Los Angeles, FOX11

HydraFacial™ at Caesar's
Palace, Ch 3 Las Vegas

HydraFacial™ feat.
Nora Ariffin, CBS2 L.A.

HydraFacial™ Animation
- How It Works

HydraFacial™ explained,
FOX5 San Diego
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